Best Windows Phones in India

List of Best Windows Mobile Phones available in market. If you are interested in buying Windows Mobile Phones, see this list.

This list was last updated on 29, May 2017

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List of Best Windows Phones in India (Showing - 24 of 61)

Best Windows Mobile Phones in India

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Best Windows Mobile Phones in India

Microsoft Lumia 950 XLRs. 1800078/100
Microsoft Lumia 950Rs. 3299978/100
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIMRs. 4939977/100
Nokia Lumia 930Rs. 1650075/100
Microsoft Lumia 950 Dual SIMRs. 1299474/100
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual SIMRs. 1699974/100
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTERs. 1859973/100
Nokia Lumia 1520Rs. 899973/100
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual SIMRs. 555572/100
Nokia Lumia 735Rs. 1795972/100
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