Best 4G Mobile Phones Under Rs. 5000

While Rs. 5000 is just entry-level segment, companies are doing it right by launching smartphones with 4G connectivity in this price segment. Now, we have many smartphones with 4G connectivity in the price range of Rs. 5000. Most of the Android Phones with 4G connectivity under 5000 have decent specifications but you can not demand high specs under 5000. With 4G, also look for the VoLTE options in budget 4g mobiles. Xiaomi Redmi 5A is the new budget 4G smartphone under 5000 in India. This is the list of best 4g mobile phones under 5000 in India. You can also get 4g mobile under 5000 with 2gb RAM. 

List of 4G mobile phones price under 5000 in India is long. So, you can use other filters to narrow down your search result and find out best 4G smartphone under 5000 for yourself. But you have to compromise with other specs for 4g mobile below Rs. 5000 as this is a handful amount nowadays.

This list was last updated on 19, February 2019

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Best 4G Mobile Phones Under Rs. 5000

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Best 4G Mobile Phones Under Rs. 5000

10.or E (2GB)Rs. 499955/100
Yu AceRs. 499954/100
Asus ZenFone Lite L1 (ZA551KL)Rs. 499953/100
Xolo Era 2VRs. 499952/100
10.or D (2GB)Rs. 499952/100
Comio S1Rs. 399952/100
Lava Z61Rs. 499952/100
Infinix Smart 2Rs. 499951/100
Panasonic P101Rs. 449951/100
Aqua JazzRs. 499951/100

Even if you have budget very low, you should always try to buy phones with offer value for money. If you are ready to pay up to Rs. 5000, you should always research to get more features on your phone. 4G is now an important part of telecommunications. If your city still lacks 4G connectivity, it will surely get soon. So, you should buy a phone that is future ready and does not force you to change it in coming months. So, buying a 4G phone is a smart idea. There are many 4G VoLTE mobile phones under 5000 in India.

You should check this list of 4G Phone under Rs. 5k and see what phone matches your search criteria. You should also use filters given at the left side to narrow down this search result page and see less phone matching your search criteria. Most of the homegrown companies have already started offering 4G phones below 5000 price range. Few companies have also started offering 4G with VoLTE in this price range as Reliance Jio works best on this combination. All other specs of 4g VoLTE smartphone under 5000 are average but good to operate a 4g mobile (not good for gaming). If you can increase the budget to Rs. 7000, this list of best 4G phones under 7000 will surely give you better phone ideas.

Android 4g mobile under 5000 list is here. Choose wisely as every 4G mobile does not work with Reliance Jio. We recommend you to use Reliance mobile like LYF if you are using JIO SIM. Do not forget to check the VoLTE option in the left sidebar. 4G with VoLTE is the must thing if you want to enjoy Reliance Jio on the phone.



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