Best Fitness bands Under 2000 in India

Fitness bands are now getting popular in India. Due to our busy lifestyle, we get less time to look at our daily routine, diet, and health. So, fitness bands help a lot if you care for your health. Fitness bands can give you an overview of your calories burn, you can count steps take, heart rate and even your exercises. Few fitness bands can also track your sleep and give you an overview of how quality sleep you took on a night. 

Fitness bands start at as low as Rs. 500 and goes up to a really high price depending on features and accuracy of measurement. If you do not want to spend much, you can get a decent fitness band in Rs. 2000. So, here is the list of best fitness bands under 2000 INR in India. You can check any of these, compare features and prices.

This list was last updated on 21, February 2019

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Best Fitness bands Under 2000 in India

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Best Fitness bands Under 2000 in India

Huawei Honor Band 3 Rs. 19990/100
Lenovo HX03F SpectraRs. 19990/100
Xiaomi Mi Band 3Rs. 19990/100
Noise ColorFitRs. 19990/100
Fastrack Reflex 2.0Rs. 19850/100
Xiaomi Mi Band 2Rs. 19500/100
Lenovo HX03 CardioRs. 17990/100
iVooMi FitMeRs. 16990/100
Goqii LifeRs. 15990/100
Polar LoopRs. 15990/100
Xccess SB166Rs. 14990/100

These are the fitness band under 2000 INR in India. Click on any to check specifications and prices. We have listed all good fitness bands available in India. You need to check what features you care for and then find out what fitness band can actually satisfy your need.

I hope this list of best fitness band under Rs. 2000 in India helped. If you think I missed any important fitness band, you can let us know.


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