Intex Mobile Phones Price in India

Intex is one of the good Indian phone manufacturing company. It holds the distinction of making India's first mobile with the Firefox OS. Intex mobiles' first smartphone was Intex Aqua 4G+. In latest technology, Intex has already launched Triple Sim handsets, apart from Dual Sim. Find an Intex phone online that suits your needs and fits your budget with phone specifications, reviews and model images. If you want to check the Intex mobiles price list, See below list. Check if you like any phone as per your requirements.

This list was last updated on 21, August 2019

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Intex Mobile Phones Price in India

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Top 10 Intex Mobile Phones Price in India

Intex Elyt E6Rs. 599955/100
Intex Elyt E7Rs. 399954/100
Intex Staari 10Rs. 1024954/100
Intex Aqua Lions X1+Rs. 529954/100
Intex Aqua GenXRs. 963054/100
Intex Aqua Lions X1Rs. 739554/100
Intex Indie 5Rs. 499953/100
Intex Aqua AceRs. 899053/100
Intex Cloud FlashRs. 799052/100
Intex Aqua Lions 3Rs. 599952/100

Intex Mobile phones were popular in its home country India before the Chinese companies stormed the market. Now Intex Mobiles are facing heavy competition from other companies with better specs in low price. Intex has few popular series including Aqua series of the smartphones. Now Intex is trying to release more phones with the fingerprint sensor and VoLTE in low price.

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