Techlomedia Affiliate Management

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Give us your affiliate tracking

Register for a new account and fill your profile. Enter the tracking for those stores which you want to manage with our system

Put our smart banners on your blog

Use our banners and put on your blog. We use smart algorithm to show offers which are most likely to click and give you more revenue.

See How your affiliate revenue grows

Our offers are more likely to be click than the custom banner you place. It results in better affilaite revenue than traditional way.

Why should you use Techlomedia affiliate management?

We know how hard it is to manage your affiliates individually and track which is performing well. You need to generate links for products individually and then place on your blog. Many times when company change tracking links, all your old links stopped working. So, why not to have a smart way of managing all your affiliates? Techlomedia affiliate managemnt offers the way to manage all your e-commerce affiliates at one place. Just tell us about your tracking codes and put our smart banners on your blog. We will rotate the products in the way to maximize your revenue.

We track users' activity, clicking patter, offers and revenue share. By mixing all these things, we select perfect offers which are most likely to be converted. So, you will see more clicks on your affiliate links and more revenue as compared to traditional way.